“My sister was trapped in Lancaster, Wisconsin during one of this winter’s awful snowstorms. Although the hour was very late (1 am) and the House was actually full, Kathy responded to the crisis (the State Patrol had closed the roads) by not only opening the door, but even shoveling a path! (It blew shut immediately.) She set up my sister in a lovely reading room on the most comfortable rollaway bed! Kathy made sure it would be cozy and pleasant, and made her feel so welcome, even though the hour was late.

The next morning my sister found herself enjoying a delicious hot breakfast, I forget what, not standard fare but a specialty that she’s still raving about and trying (in vain) to re-create. Besides the booked guests there were several others that they had somehow accommodated that awful night, and all soon felt old friends as they chatted, waiting for road crews to make headway.”

“Whatever the circumstances, you’ll love this place!”